Clarina Cubs & Beavers

On Friday 26th of June 8 cubs and 4 beavers traveled to Srahan, Co Laois, for our annual camp. This was the first time for many that they were far away from home without their mams and dads.The kids got stuck in from the first moment helping pitch their tents for their stay.This was followed by wide games before hot chocolate put them all to sleep.Saturday the cubs woke early at 5.30am and were brought on a hike to allow the beavers and some leaders a lie in. After breakfast, we were joined by 2 more beavers and we all headed into the forest where they took part in a treasure hunt before building shelters(bivvies). After lunch we headed back to the campsite were the children took on an obstacle course and made mementos of their stay in Srahan. On Saturday evening, we had a lovely campfire where songs were sung, scary stories were told and sketches acted out before roasted marshmallows were given out along with some hot chocolate. Sunday finished up with taking down their tents and some tired children headed home. A great weekend was had by all and a big thank you to all the leaders who gave up their weekends to make this possible

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