TERVOE GROTTO MASS: On Monday May 16 we were honoured to have the Bishop of Limerick Brendan Leahy with us to celebrate mass down at our beautiful Grotto in Tervoe. A crowd of over one hundred people attended on a most glorious sunny evening. Mons. Michael Lane, Fr. Michael Cussen P.P. and Fr. Eamonn Fitzgibbon were also in attendance to add to the occasion. We were very lucky to have a good section of the Ballybrown Church Choir and they added greatly to the celebration finishing up with their rendition of Queen of the May. The sun shone the birds sang and the Bishop was overawed. Mons. Lane gave a brief historical account of the Monsells, Cardinal Newman and the Lourdes Grotto before mass and he reckons it dates back to the mid 1860’s some years after Lourdes in 1858. A big thank you goes once again to John Holton and Irish Cement Ltd. for allowing us permission to hold the mass on their land and thanks also to all who helped out in any way with organising the event.
“On the banks of the Shannon in lovely Tervoe
Stands our little Grotto well hidden from view
In honour of Lourdes and times now long gone
Berthe Lady Emly her memory lingers on.”

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